NCL, like most cruise lines, offer a loyalty programme where you build up points from nights  at sea. These then entitle you to certain benefits. I have a platinum rewards status on-board NCL ships which means that I’ve been at sea with NCL for over 84 nights. It’s crazy to think that I’ve spent well over 2 months on their ships!Young cruiser 20s NCL Norwegian Getaway Norwegian Breakaway Norwegian Epic

The following are the benefits that I experienced when cruising with NCL as a platinum member in May 2016. They have since updated the latitudes benefits, adding two more, higher, tiers. All of the benefits mentioned below are still available as a platinum member.

The platinum perks that I experienced were as follows:

  • Priority check in – Absolutely without a doubt my favourite benefit, who doesn’t love being able to skip the queues?!
  • On-board discounts – You usually get 15% off most items in the shop, definitely worth having.
  • Members only cocktail party – Can’t comment on this one, it’s not something which has ever interested me.
  • 30% discount on photos – The photos on cruise ships are really quite expensive and this makes it a little more bearable.
  • Nightly chocolate in your room – Apparently this is a latitudes benefit. I thought that everybody got this…
  • One free bag of laundry – The only time that I ever use the laundry service on a cruise is when it’s a free bag. On my last cruise my boyfriend and I had about 10 t-shirts washed. When we added up the cost it should have been around $60! The free bag of laundry was easy to do, we just left the bag of washing on our bed and it reappeared the next day all washed and ironed. Lovely. Wish that happened at home!
  • Free sparkling wine and strawberries in your stateroom – Always good. Everybody likes free stuff. I have read reviews where people have said that the sparkling wine wasn’t very good. I am not very fussy and thought it was just fine!


All passengers who are over 18 and cruise with NCL are automatically enrolled onto the latitudes programme and will build up points each time they cruise. So there really is no reason not to have a latitudes status and take advantage of the discounts/free things which it offers. It definitely is worth having, skipping the queue and having a free bag of laundry are my personal favourite benefits.

New benefits:

A number of new benefits for platinum guests have been added in the February 2017 update:

  • 10% discounts on excursions! This is always good, the excursions can get expensive so every little helps.
  • 1 free bottle of water per stateroom, I hope its a big one.
  • 30 free internet minutes. This is one that would interest me, I very rarely buy internet when on cruises because of the cost. I do love not having internet on a cruise but 30 minutes would be perfect to send a quick message or check your emails.

To learn more about the updated latitudes rewards click here: Updated: NCL latitudes rewards 2017.


I'm Emma, a 23 year old travel blogger based in the UK who strongly believes that cruising isn't just for old people!


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