Not strictly cruising related but I’m sure we can bend the rules a little… after all, I made the rules! I recently had a weekend away in Nice, France. I would wholeheartedly recommend a visit if you ever get the chance, it’s a lovely lovely place.

I filmed this video on a go pro to get used to filming things, I’m hoping to make some videos on my up coming cruise. (If you folks can put up with me ofcourse!)

wave awards finalist cruising isnt just for old people


We’re finalists in the Wave awards as ‘best cruise blogger’! That is a seriously big deal, especially in our first year. Can’t quite believe it. If you like what we’re doing here and could spare 10 seconds please vote for us. You only have to fill in your name, email and tick our box. You could win a cruise too!

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I’m Emma, a 23 year old travel blogger based in the UK who strongly believes that cruising isn’t just for old people!

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