MSC are one of the only cruise lines (that I know of anyway) that’ll match the loyalty status from another cruise line. This means that you can access tons of loyalty perks without ever having cruised with MSC before, woohoo!

I am cruising on MSC this year and have platinum status onboard NCL so decided to fill in the relevant form and try to get my status transferred. The UK forms are here:Β

How to:

You either have to register if you ever never cruised with MSC before or fill in the slightly different form if you have. I have been on one MSC cruise so selected the option on the right.Β 

At this point you have to print out the form, giving details of your loyalty status on another cruise line. I sent a screenshot of the ‘My NCL’ page on NCL’s website, this had my latitudes number on it. You then have to email this to

Note: If you are American there is another form you can fill out directly on the website, but if you’re from the UK you have to print, fill, scan and email.

MSC replied within a couple of weeks which said that my status had been updated (Hoorar!). I was awarded black status which is the highest loyalty level for MSC. At this point I started to look at the black tier benefits, I’m really excited to try the ‘chocolate ship’ yum!

All in all the process was easy and didn’t take more than a couple of weeks to complete. I would whole heartedly recommend it, as for the sake of filling out a form, you can gain some pretty cool benefits. I’m looking forward to taking advantage of a number of these perks and will be reporting back I’m sure.


I'm Emma, a 23 year old travel blogger based in the UK who strongly believes that cruising isn't just for old people!


  1. Michas Emel Reply

    I emailed them my application on Saturday & they confirmed my MSC status on the Monday (UK)

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