To reach new and interesting places you sometimes have to brave a transatlantic flight. This week I am flying to Chicago, via Amsterdam which means loads and loads of time onboard planes.

I have a skill for packing light. I normally am able to pack for two weeks in a cabin approved bag. More about that here. Despite my love of packing light there are a couple of comfort items that I definitely wouldn’t miss out on having during a long flight.

Macbook + Charger

This one is mainly in my hand luggage because I don’t want to risk putting it in the hold. Same goes for expensive cameras and anything which could be broken easily. I may use it during the flight but because most planes don’t have plug sockets when it runs out of battery thats that.Flight Plane Overpack Macbook Air Charger

Iphone + Charger

Some planes do have USB charging ports between the seats so it’s definitely worth taking a charger. My Iphone is never very far away from me so this one shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody.

Headphones + Backup headphones

There is NOTHING worse than being on a 8/9/10 hour flight without headphones! I know they do give out those ‘free’ headphones on most transatlantic flights but they aren’t normally the most comfortable headphones in the world. You’re likely to have headphones in for most of the journey so make sure that they’re a pair that you like. I also take a pair of backup headphones incase mine break or I lose them. I find the £1.50 ‘essential’ headphones from Primark to be very good if I’m caught short.

A battery pack can also be useful if you’re out and about and need a quick charge.

Plane Travel Backup Headphones

A good book!

Long distance travel gives me much needed time to catch up on books that I’ve been wanting to read but haven’t had the time to do so. This time it’s ‘On the Other Side’ by Carrie Hope Fletcher. I am really excited to read this book, it has been described to me as a ‘charming and wonderful love story’. Sounds like a perfect travel read.

Plane Travel Book On the other side Carrie hope fletcher

Snuggly clothes

  • Fluffy socks.

    I cannot emphasise enough the importance of this one. Snuggle socks are a must have. Planes tend to be cold and I always like to take my shoes off on long plane journeys.

  • Leggings.

    Nothing is more annoying that being stuck in a pair of jeans on a long journey. The button will poke you in the stomach and you’ll be stuck with a limited range of motion. I recommend a pair of warm leggings, they’ll allow you to sit however you want and also keep you warm in the cool cabin.

  • Huge jumper.

    A jumper (or sweater for you Americans) cannot be overlooked. I find planes to be freezing so the bigger the better! Even if you don’t want to use the jumper you can always use it as a pillow or to pad out the seat if you’re sitting in a strange way like I always am.Plane Travel hand luggage jumper sweater summerfest

Travel pillow

I used to think that people looked a bit funny when lugging around a huge travel pillow. I never really understood the importance of one until I purchased a GOOD pillow. I’ve had many cheaper versions before but they never really were worth taking. This one shown below (that I got in an airport in Crete) is beyond comfy. It has some type of memory foam in the top layer. Snug snug snug!plane travel pillow


Thanks Victoria for reminding me about this one. You’ll need to fill out a customs form before landing so it is really important you have a pen. I always throw in a couple, no surprise which pens I chose!Cruise travel i'd rather be on a cruise pens stationary

Travel sickness pills

I am one of the most travel sick people you’ll ever meet. I get car sick, coach sick, plane sick, train sick, sick sick sick. Travel sickness pills are always in my hand luggage, mainly as a ‘just in case’. Despite being incredibly travel sick I very rarely feel unwell on cruises. To read more about my experience of travel sickness and cruising click here: I get seasick stepping over a puddle.

travel sickness medication stugeron 15

Hand sanitizer!

Planes are grubby. I always like to take some hand sanitzer with me so that I can *try* and fend off any bugs that may be in the cabin. It is horrible getting off the plane with a cold that you’ve picked up somewhere along the way. I am loving the strawberry and raspberry version at the moment which I got from superdrug.Strawberry and Raspberry hand sanitizer

Is there anything that I’ve missed? Please let me know! It may be a little late for me to add anything now but it may save me for next time!


I'm Emma, a 23 year old travel blogger based in the UK who strongly believes that cruising isn't just for old people!


  1. I travel a lot for business. Most of my flights are domestic or US – Canada, but I do have the occasional transoceanic journey (transpacific flights are looooong!). Anyway, I generally agree with the above list, but I’ve got a couple modifications of my own.
    First, I’m a huge believer in noise-cancelling headphones on airplanes. You might think, “engine noise doesn’t bother me” but believe me, it makes a bigger difference than you might realize! Yes, they cost more, and they often require some sort of power, but for long flights, they make a world of difference.
    Second, I like bringing a couple of sanitizing wet wipes and keeping them in a sealed plastic bag because those seat back trays never get cleaned and some people are just gross about what they put on there. So, yes to hand sanitizer, but also bring something to clean that tray!
    I’ve also gotta have my iPad.
    Finally, I carry a backup battery for my phone(s), backup batteries for my headphones, meds and – most importantly – a couple of bars of good chocolate (my go-to is Lindt, or occasionally Ghirardelli), which I like to share with the flight attendants. They work hard and they really appreciate it.

    • Emma Le Teace Reply

      Hey! Thanks for your comment. I can’t even imagine a transpacific flight, no idea how people do it! I hate to think about the germs on the trays and arm rests, blehhhh. No wonder I always get sick or a cold when I get off a flight, germs and air con…

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