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Nice wasn’t a place that I had previously considered for a weekend away. I was aware that a number of cruises stopped there but I honestly had just never thought about visiting until my parents took a trip. They convinced me that Nice was worth a visit and I’m really glad that they did. Nice is a lovely city, centred around the beach and Promenade des Anglais. It’s taken me a while to get used to reading Nice as Nice and not nice. (Tricky isn’t it!) Nice was really nice though πŸ˜‰

Flights: BA Β£66 return pp

Hotel: Lamartine apartments Β£62 per night

Total Cost (Β£66+Β£186)/2 = Β£152 pp {2 sharing}

A little bit about Nice:

Nice is located on the southeast coast of France, because of its location it is protected from most of the wind so is generally warm year round. It has a brilliant seaside vibe while maintaining a cosmopolitan feel with tons of shops, restaurants and cafes. Β Nice is well serviced by a local airport which is within walking distance if you’re like me and don’t mind a walk! (Took us around 1.5 hours).Nice Promenade de anglais

What to do:

Promonade des Anglais.Mcdonalds nice promonade de anglais fast food chicken nuggets france

The promenade stretches from the airport to downtown Nice, it is over 7 kilometers long. On arrival in Nice we walked along the promenade into Nice to find out hotel. It was lovely to not have to reply on transport to get around. I understand that a 1.5 hour walk isn’t for everybody, but the sun was shining when we took a leisurely walk into town, helped by the fact that we didn’t bring any baggage. I wouldn’t fancy dragging my suitcase that far.

The promenade is lined with restaurants, I stopped off at Mcdonalds when we first arrived in Nice. Call me boring but I always seem to end up in McDonalds wherever I go. Usually because I need the toilet and also because ‘McNuggets’ seems to be the same in every language!


Castle hill.

No trip to Nice would be complete without a walk up Castle hill, from the top you get spectacular views of the whole of Nice. I hear rumours of an elevator which will take people to the top but honestly I didn’t think it was too much of a walk at all. I had been reading reviews on Trip Advisor about the walk which made me think it would be much worse than it actually was.

At the top there was a cafe and some ruins of a Castle. There also are some waterfalls although I never managed to find these. We got a drink from the cafe and sat and watched the world go by, the sun even came out for us.

NICE france coca cola view



In land a little there are tons of shops where you can spend quite a lot of time and money if you are that way inclined. It was here that I had my first conversation entirely in french, I was very proud of myself! There are quite a few ’boutique’ stores but also stores that I recognised such as H&M and Zara.

Old town.

A walk around the old town is a must, it has a traditional french atmosphere with loads of old squares and little alley ways to explore. I particularly enjoyed the flower market that was on at the time. Be sure to check out theΒ the seven statues of the massena square. These are statues of 7 people high up on pillars, they are illuminated and change colours. When we visited there was also a ferris wheel in the square although I understand that this is not a year round fixture. It is also a good place to get churros, although that one is a little random. The square also has good free Wifi all over it.

Ferris wheel nice france


This one may be a little bit of a cop out, but if you are in Nice for longer than a day I would recommend a trip into Monaco. It is only around 20 minutes on the train and a really interesting city to explore. The casinos and fast cars make a simple walk really exciting. More on Monaco another day!

Visit the harbour.

Past the castle on the hill there is a little harbour which is well worth a look around. There is also a ‘I love Nice’ sign on the corner which is a great place to take some photographs. I know a couple of people who have visited Nice and completely missed out on this harbour on the other side of the hill. It was gorgeous! There wasn’t all that much to do over that side of Nice but it is definitely worth a wander over.

Nice france harbour

Walk at night.

Nice felt to me like a really safe city. There was a visible police presence who carried large guns but there were never any people around that made me feel uncomfortable. Nice didn’t seem to have the homeless problem that many European cities suffer from which was nice (get it… nice!?) We took many walks along the promenade at night.

How to get around:

The only mode of transport that I needed to use was the train. Like I said earlier I walked in from the airport. The train station ticket machines can be a little confusing, they only take coins but there is a change machine located in the ticket office. Once we found this we found it easier to change a couple of notes to coins and purchase our tickets from the machines. They machines were actually pretty straight forward even if you don’t speak french.

When you have your ticket don’t forget to validate it! There are little machines around the station which you have to put your ticket into, this will stamp the date and time on the ticket. If you’re wanting to get the train from the airport the closest train station is a little walk away, either that or there is a free shuttle bus to the airport train station.

There are also a number of buses that’ll take you from the airport to the city centre.

Where to stay:

We stayed at residence Lamartine which I would recommend. We had a small apartment with a fully functional kitchen which meant that we didn’t need to eat out. It cost a little more for the apartment but I believe we saved that money by mostly eating in. The hotel wasn’t expensive at around Β£62 a night.

Nice france residence lamartine

How to get to Nice:

We flew with BA simply because they were the cheapest option. No complaints here!

Nice travel video.

To check out some more photographs from Nice click here: Nice gallery.

#ILoveNice sign nice france

I would 100% recommendΒ Nice if you are looking for a relaxing weekend away with a little shopping and a lot of beach. A weekend in Nice isn’t the most action packed weekend you’ll ever have but it is a charming city where I felt very safe and enjoyed my time immensely.


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