Hello! My name’s Emma, I’m a 23-year-old travel blogger from the UK. I’ve been cruising since I was 11 and am passionate about the idea that cruising is for everybody. I’m working to build a young cruisers community, full of like-minded cruisers who want to inspire and inform others.

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A bit about me

In my real life (not that this isn’t real) I’m a data developer in the wonderfully fun world of insurance, I could talk about that but I’m sure you’d much prefer me to get back to the cruise chat!

Fun fact: I actually have a maths degree which doesn’t help me in the world of blogging, AT ALL. Apart from counting the members in our Facebook group maybe?! (570!) 

I cruise in my spare time and run this blog in my spare time too, there is nothing I love more than counting down to my next cruise (apart from booking one maybe). I am an expert on packing light and you’ll usually find me in an inside cabin. Cruising on a budget is my specialty!

You can find me on Instagram and Twitter and also on YouTube. (The YouTube part is my newest venture, please be kind 😉 ) 

1. Alaska – NCL – Norwegian Spirit – 2005

The Norwegian Spirit is my all time favourite cruise ship, to find out why click here. I loved her big open atrium and the general spacious feel of the ship. I really wish I remembered more about the Alaska part, I would love to return!NCL Norwegian Spirit Cruise Alaska

2. Hawaii – NCL – Pride of Aloha – 2005

This cruise directly followed the Alaska cruise mentioned above. We took this amazing cruise as a family and I had an amazing time cruising with my brother and cousins (parents too of course!)Hawaii NCL Pride of Aloha

3. Baltic – NCL – Norwegian Jewel – 2008

The main things I remember about this cruise was the amount that it rained, you wouldn’t think that from the photos below though! An amazing cruise filled with tons of history and culture. I would love love love to return (maybe when the sun is shining).
NCL Baltic Norwegian Jewel

4. Bahamas – NCL – Norwegian Sky – 2009

For some reason I have no photos of this cruise, at all?! I promise I went though…

5. Mediterranean – NCL – Norwegian Jade – 2009

All of the photos from this cruise were taken on my Tocco ultra pink slide up phone (how cool was I?!) I’m actually pretty amazed how well the photos came out.
NCL Norwegian Jade Med

6. Canary Islands # 1 – NCL – Norwegian Spirit – 2012

Back onboard the Norwegian Spirit for Christmas! Hooray! I loved this cruise, my favourite ship AND a Christmas cruise. I am a big big fan of cruising at Christmas. Canary Islands NCL Norwegian Spirit Christmas Cruise

7. Northern Europe – MSC – MSC Opera – 2012

My first and only MSC cruise! We ordered every single course at dinner, not realising that we didn’t have to do that. I honestly think I had around 6 courses for the first meal… MSC Opera

8. Bermuda – NCL – Norwegian Breakaway – 2015

I loved this cruise, Bermuda was amazing and the Breakaway is one of my favourite ships. The sail into/out of New York harbour was incredible. We woke up early and sat on the balcony (my parents had a balcony) watching us sail in.Bermuda New York Norwegian Breakaway NCL Girl Dress Fireworks

9. Canary Islands # 2 – NCL – Norwegian Epic – 2015

Another Christmas cruise! My second visit to the Canary Islands which I loved. I also love the photo below of me and my (little) brother. Not so little anymore, he’s taller than me. Canary Islands Norwegian Epic NCL

10. Western Caribbean – NCL – Norwegian Getaway – 2016

I booked this cruise on a whim because I found bargain flights to Miami, when looking at hotel prices in Miami I realised it was almost cheaper to cruise, so I did! We visited Mexico, Belize and Honduras so thats 3 more countries ticked off my to do list. NCL Norwegian Getaway Caribbean Miami

11. Greek islands – Cunard – Queen Victoria – 2016

I affectionately call this cruise the ‘fancy pants’ cruise. I have never been a big fan of formal dining and/or dress codes but I really enjoyed our Cunard cruise. It was totally different to the way that I normally cruise but I would do it again. To find out what I thought about cruising with Cunard in my 20s, click hereCunard Queen Victoria Greek Islands

Please let me know which cruise lines you think I should try. NCL is my go-to (in case you couldn’t tell from the list!) I have three upcoming cruises which I’m really excited about.

To learn more about my upcoming cruises….


I'm Emma, a 23 year old travel blogger based in the UK who strongly believes that cruising isn't just for old people!


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