How to save a whole load of money off of your next cruise…

NCL advertised price for two people: £1818

Price I paid: £1200

The cruise

7 night western Caribbean cruise, out of Miami, onboard the Norwegian Getaway 2016, inside cabin.

NCL Norwegian Getaway Western Caribbean Honduras Port

Initial chat with Cruise 1st

Cruise 1st had a little desk stationed on the ship which would pop up from time to time. There were a couple of girls working on the desk and I got chatting to them about the cruise I was planning on taking in a few months time. It was them who suggested that I purchase the Cruise Next certificate to further reduce the cost of the cruise. They explained that they would take Cruise Next certificates issued by NCL. I had no idea that third parties could take these deposit certificates so that was a nice little surprise.

And so off I popped to purchase a certificate…

Cruise Next certificate

When onboard a NCL cruise they often try to sell you a Cruise Next certificate. I had never really paid attention to any of these offers but on my last cruise I knew already that I wanted to book another cruise in the future. At the time the offer was pay $150 for a deposit certificate with a value of $250. They have since changed this offer so that you get $100 extra onboard credit when buying $250 deposit, still definitely worth having!

To buy the Cruise Next certificate I went to the cruise next desk besides reception . There was a simple form to fill out and the voucher was posted to my stateroom the next day. Easy peasy.

Cruise next certificate NCL

Saving: £80

Back to cruise 1st

Once I had the certificate I went back to the girls at Cruise 1st. They managed to find me a price of £1278, I used my $250 deposit towards this meaning that it only really cost me around £1200.

They also managed to get me a cabin a couple of categories higher than I would have been able to get on my own which was greatly appreciated. I am normally in the lowest category of guaranteed inside cabin.

Because I was still booking an NCL cruise I was still able to have the ‘free at sea’ perks. I chose to have the ultimate beverage package which I really enjoyed. More about that here: Ultimate Beverage Package.

NCL Norwegian Getaway Ultimate Drinks Package

Total savings: £618

I would definitely say that the best way to get a cheap deal is to combine offers, it was a little more effort to go to NCL and then back to Cruise 1st but for me it was without a doubt worth it. I was able to save money initially from NCL, then from Cruise 1st and then back with NCL again by utilising the free at sea perks. It definitely pays to shop around for the cheapest price!

What is the best saving you’ve ever made on a cruise? Let me know in the comments.


I am not in anyway associated with Cruise 1st or NCL. I just love both of them dearly!


I'm Emma, a 23 year old travel blogger based in the UK who strongly believes that cruising isn't just for old people!

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