I recently had a crazy weekend where I was invited on two ship tours. The first being on the Caribbean Princess and the second being on the Celebrity Eclipse.

It was my first time on a Princess ship and first time on a Celebrity ship, oh and my first ship tour! Very much a weekend of first.

But, which did I prefer? Take a look here to find out.

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I filmed vlogs onboard both ship tours which you can see here:

Caribbean Princess

Celebrity Eclipse

Have you ever been on either of these ships? Let me know in the comments. (Let me know if I made the right choice too!)


Guaranteed Cabins – Cruise1st

I recently wrote a post for Cruise1st about guaranteed cabins and why I usually buy one. ย In the post I take you through:

What is a guaranteed cabin?

A guaranteed cabin is a cabin booked without a specific cabin allocation. Booking a guaranteed cabin, for example a guaranteed inside will ensure that you receive a cabin in that category or higher. Your cabin will be allocated to you prior to your cruise but you have no say on the cabinโ€™s position or deck. This contrasts with booking an assigned cabin where you can choose the specific cabin when booking. Guaranteed cabins are usually booked for two reasons: a lower price and the possibility of an upgrade.

What are the benefits of booking one?

  • Price reduction
  • Possibility of an upgrade

When is the cabin usually assigned?

  • Possibly months before your cruise
  • Possibly a few days before you cruise

What are the drawbacks of choosing a guaranteed cabin?

  • A ship in a less than desirable location (low down, end of ship,noiseyย position etc)

To read the full article please click here. I honestly am a big fan of the Guaranteed cabin and do usually book a guaranteed inside cabin when I cruise. Price is the main motivator for me when booking a cruise and when booking a guaranteed cabin the worst-case scenario is that you end up with what you paid for, doesn’t sound too bad to me!


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