Cunard dress code – What to wear (Updated 2018)

In this post I discuss the following dress codes:

Formal nights.

As a general rule of thumb, I would say that anything you would wear to a wedding is suitable for Cunard’s formal nights. A wedding/prom outfit seemed to be the ideal look. I saw some gorgeous dresses and some very impressive headpieces, I don’t think it is possible to be overdressed for the formal nights.

Evening wear consists of an evening or cocktail dress or smart trouser suit for ladies.  A tuxedo, dinner jacket or dark suit with appropriate neck wear for men or you may wear formal national dress and military uniform.

If you are a woman you could consider the following outfits:

  • Midi dresses (I would not consider wearing a dress much shorter than knee length).

    • There are plenty of options for Midi Dresses. Below is a dress that I wore onboard P&O’s Britannia for formal night that I could quite comfortably wear to formal night onboard Cunard. The main aim of Cunards dress code seems to be to look elegant and classy, as a result, I would try not to have TOO much skin on display. Of course, this is your decision but this is my personal preference.

p&o formal night britannia atrium red dress

  • Long dresses floor length dresses (Maxi dresses)

    • There are a number of different styles of maxi dresses but I would avoid wearing anything that could be worn to the beach. Dresses with straps/no straps shouldn’t be a problem. Below is a photo of me onboard the Queen Victoria.
    • Long dresses are also a bonus because the ships can be pretty cold. The air conditioning is usually good so having something to cover your legs is a good idea.
    • If you are wearing a dress like the one I am wearing below make sure you bring a shrug or cover up. The restaurants are pretty cold.

  • Skirts (again not higher than the knee) and a blouse/top.

  • You cannot go wrong with a nice skirt and a top! There is a complimentary laundry onboard which means that you can wash and re-wear clothes. I was really impressed by this as on other cruise lines you often have no other options than to pay to have your clothes washed. For other things that I wish I knew before my first Cunard cruise click here: 8 8 tips for your first Cunard cruise. 
  • Smart trousers

  • If you are reading this and thinking, ‘oh no! I hate wearing dresses/skirts’ fear not. You don’t have to wear a dress. A pair of smart trousers and a blouse/top will be just fine.

    (If you’re still not sure what to wear, why not join our Facebook group of 1500+ members? We would love to answer any questions you have or give you some ideas! Cruising Isn’t Just For Old People – Facebook Group.)

Formal dress – Men

For men, the dress code is a dinner jacket, tuxedo or dark suit. 95% of people seemed to stick to this when I was onboard. Anybody who didn’t really did stick out. I doubt the staff would say anything unless you were extremely scruffy but you probably would get some evil stares from fellow guests.

If you are a man you could consider the following outfits:

  • Dark suit

  • This is the most popular type of dress worn by men onboard. Don’t be afraid to play around with patterns!
  • Dinner jacket

  • Formal national dress

What should I pack for formal night with Cunard? 

For my 7 night cruise, I bought 3 dresses which I would call ‘nice’ dresses. They took up most of my suitcase! I also brought a couple of smaller shrugs to keep me warm. The dining room was a little chilly, (I suppose they have to have it that way as the men aren’t meant to take off their jackets).

I bought a pair of smart sandals and one pair of black heels which I wore on the formal nights. When packing consider the following:

  • Dresses (long or short, but think elegant)
  • Skirts/Trousers with nice tops/blouses/shirt
  • Smart sandals/heels or flats
  • Small shrug to keep your warm
  • Bling up your outfit with any jewellery that you have, a cruise is a perfect opportunity to go a bit mad and try new things. Why not try wearing something you’d never normally wear. You won’t see anybody that you know!

How formal are Cunard’s informal nights?

To me, informal = jeans. THIS IS NOT CUNARD’S DEFINITION.

Evenings would consist of a required jacket and optional tie for gentlemen, whilst ladies should wear cocktail dresses, stylish separates or equivalent. No jeans or shorts.

Informal nights onboard Cunard are still more formal than most formal nights on other cruises. They certainly are a lot more formal than I would ever dress in my normal day to day life. The only real difference with informal nights is that men can wear a normal suit and can take off that dreaded bow tie (phew!). Women can put down the prom dress and pick up one which is almost as nice… maybe a little bit less sparkly. Think an evening out instead of a wedding. I honestly didn’t see much difference between the formal and informal nights, maybe that’s because I rarely cruise with formal dining and as a result, it all seemed a bit posh for me!

I honestly missed my jeans by the end of the week… (sorry!)

emma cruises

Daytime dress code?

When walking around the ship in the daytime I did not make any special effort to dress up. Most of the time I was in my jeans and a tshirt/hoodie. I would think twice about wearing anything particularly skimpy or revealing but in general, you can wear whatever you want during the day. The whole of the ship was so grand that I did feel a little out of place running around in my casual clothes! We cruised around the greek islands so it was pretty hot.

Dress code for afternoon tea.

I believe there is a dress code for afternoon tea although it didn’t seem to be enforced. I managed to get into afternoon tea wearing shorts (although I don’t think you are meant to) oops! Onboard the Queen Victoria afternoon tea was in quite an open area so you could just sit down and be brought tea and cakes. I didn’t feel pressured to dress up for afternoon tea as I did in the main restaurants.

I loved afternoon tea, it was one of my favourite things about Cunard by a million miles. To read a full review of afternoon tea click here:  Cunards Afternoon Tea
cunard afternoon tea dress code queen victoria

Would I do it again?

I did enjoy dressing up and having my photograph taken. It was interesting to walk around the ship and see what everybody else was wearing. However, I did find the dress code a little annoying in the sense that it applied in all public areas. I am more comfortable in jeans and not being able to wear them after 6 for a whole week was tough!!

For a week or less I would definitely consider cruising with Cunard and dressing up for dinner, however, I don’t think I would like to dress as formally for any great length of time.  Cruising Cunard was a really interesting experience, which I am glad that I did it.

So what should I wear?

In regards to clothing, I would say wear what makes you feel happy and confident. There are some guests which take the dress code incredibly seriously but they probably aren’t going to be looking at you anyway… After all, it is your holiday! Enjoy yourself. Don’t forget that the room service on Cunard is completely free and really really yummy. If you ever get fed up with the formal dining you can always eat on your balcony and watch the world go by.

Queen Victoria – Greek Isle cruise – My thoughts on the dress code

I recently returned from my first Cunard cruise and the dress code was well, an experience! I am more used to cruising with NCL where there are no dress codes at all. For some reason, I had assumed that the dress code onboard Cunard ships would be applied just in the dining rooms, however, the dress code applies in all public places after 6pm, asides from the buffet.

Please note that after 6:00pm, shorts and blue or worn denim (for men and women); sandals and sleeveless tops (for men) are not considered appropriate within the ship.

Having professional photos taken always seems like one of the best things about formal nights, we always manage to take loads! Below is a photo of me and my brother.

cunard formal night dress code tuxedo suit ball gown red dress boohoo girl short hair

Before my first Cunard cruise, I had no idea how seriously some people take the dress code. I recently was on cruise critic forum where I saw a women say that her holiday would be ruined if another guest took off his jacket while at dinner! Madness.

Have you ever taken a Cunard cruise? Please let me know what you thought of the dress code in the comments. Make sure you visit the Cunard section of my site here: Cunard where you’ll find food reviews,  first time Cunard tips+ lots more!

If you’re still not sure what to wear, why not join our Facebook group of 1500+ members? We would love to answer any questions you have or give you some ideas! Cruising Isn’t Just For Old People – Facebook Group. 


I'm Emma, a 23 year old travel blogger based in the UK who strongly believes that cruising isn't just for old people!


  1. Gaynor Le Teace Reply

    I never thought my feet and shoes would feature on a website…..

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  4. I enjoyed your review and appreciate your sense of humour. I was a little surprised, however, at your first sentence that the dress code was a shock. No-one should board a Cunard ship and find any surprises about the dress code. It is well-publicised in all brochures, whether paper or on-line. Information is sent with the e-tickets. Travel agents and discussion sites have abundant information on this subject. Fortunately there are ships for all tastes and, of course, no-one is forced to cruise on Cunard. As with society in general, the dress code on Cunard has been “dumbed down” over the past decade. Until the much-loved QE2 was retired, gentlemen were required to wear a jacket and tie at every meal – including the first and last night – in the dining rooms, although real formal wear was seen only on nights designated as such. I’m pleased that you enjoyed your Cunard experience.

    • emmaleteace Reply

      Hey, thanks for your comment.

      I didn’t book this cruise myself. I was very kindly taken away by my parents and as a result I hadn’t read any brochures or promotional material, I don’t know if I ever would have chosen to cruise Cunard without their input. Maybe this was why it was such a shock to me. I knew that Cunard would require some dressing up but I had no idea how seriously people took it or that the dress code was ship wide after 6pm. The formality of the ‘informal’ nights really was a surprise.

      It was different experience from anything I’ve ever experienced before. Don’t get me wrong, Cunard do what they do extremely well and I did have a really good cruise.

      It’s a good job we are all different. Would be a very boring world if we were all the same! (Maybe one day you’ll enjoy a cruise with a cruise line like NCL, if you haven’t already)

      Thanks again for commenting, always find it interesting how different people like to cruise.

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  7. Thank you for your review. I am pleased you enjoyed the cruise .
    As a younger person, did you find Cunard boring at all?
    I am an avid Cunard passenger but much older than you. I love to dress to the nines and certainly do so on eveycruise on an evening. Day time I wear regular day clothes , beach wear etc.
    Not dressing up on Cunard is not a good idea as you do stand out as you stated.
    Did your parents who booked the cruise realise there was a strict dress code? If so did they not explain this to you?
    You are young and pretty so could get away wearing less glamorous outfits, but older people do need to be aware the dress code is taken seriously.
    It us one of the main reasons most people choose Cunard for the formality of their elegant ships.
    Thanks for posting and hope you cruise Cunard again.

    • Emma Le Teace Reply

      Thanks for your comment! I was aware that formal nights would be formal but I thought that informal nights would be, well… informal!

      I didn’t find it boring, it was very different to any other cruise I’ve been on. Wandering around the ship there was rarely anything ‘going on’ which I’m used to from cruise lines like NCL. The ships were so quiet too! Totally not what I am used to.

      Just depends what you want from a cruise I suppose, Cunard cruises certainly are ‘relaxing!’ I would consider another. (For the right price…)

      Thanks again for commenting.

  8. My feet no longer feature in your Cunard Blog – please remove my comment….!

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