Hey guys!ย As most of you guys know, I am a big fan of NCL. I just returned from my first Royal Caribbean cruise and although they are very similar I did notice a few differences. This video has taken me an entire November Sunday to film and edit so please do watch. Just in case you are somewhere where you can’t watch the video I have, very, briefly explained the differences below.

The differences are as follows:

1) Ship Design – Royal Caribbean focus on building ships which are built around a promenades/parks/streets. NCL tend to focus more on the ocean and dining/bars on the waterfront. Both are equally fun!

2) Dinner Time – I thought that Royal Caribbeans ‘my time’ dining would be the same NCL’s freestyle. This isn’t the case at all. More about this another time!

3) Formal Nights – There are no formal nights on NCL. Royal do have a few (although they’re not extremely formal).

4) Buffet – The windjammerย (Royal Caribbean) is closed a lot more than the garden cafe (NCL).

5) Lunch – The main restaurant was never open for lunch on Royal, leaving only the buffet. I missed NCL’s O’sheehans!

6) Flow Rider + Ice Skating – Super fun! Make sure you check out my flowrider video.

7) Price – NCL areย currently ‘all inclusive’ if you book from the UK.

8) Suites – NCL has the ‘haven’ which is a whole part of the ship dedicated to people that are staying in the suites, theyย  have their own bar/lounge/pool.

9) Solo Cabins – NCL’s solo cabins are all together and are focused around a solo lounge. Royal Caribbean do have solo cabins but they don’t have a solo lounge or a particularly large solo community.

10) Cruise Card – Royal Caribbeans cruise card says your room number on it, NCL’s dont. (I don’t know of any others that do actually!)

Please do subscribe to my YouTube channel, I am cruising on the Meravigia in a month or so and would love to bring you guys along! Let me know if you know of any other differences, or if you don’t agree with me about any of the points! ๐Ÿ™‚ (I won’t be grumpy I swear… ha ha)


I'm Emma, a 23 year old travel blogger based in the UK who strongly believes that cruising isn't just for old people!

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