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I hope you all enjoyed last months competitions! I haven’t heard that any of you guys have won yet though, so we had better carry on entering. Below are some competitions which are still live that you can enter if you haven’t already, along with this months new competitions.

Below are the ‘win a cruise’ competitions for November 2017:

Still live from last month:

Norwegian Epic – 7 Nights – 2018 – ANSWER: Norwegian Jade (Closes 30th November)

NCL – 2 Nights – 2018 – ANSWER: Norwegian Jade (Closes 20th November)

Princess – 12 Nights – ANSWER: 360 (Closes December 23rd) – I’m unsure if this one includes flights as it starts and ends in Australia, so may not be worth entering for us UK folks.

7 night cruise 2018 – Not specific (Closes 1st December) 

New competitions:

8 day Viking cruise – 25th November 2018 – ANSWER: Mozart (Closes 25th February)

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Royal Caribbean – Navigator of the seas – 80s cruise – 6th May 2018 – ANSWER: Mel Smith (Closes 5th November)

Windstar – 3 cruises to choose from in 2018 – ANSWER: 310 (Closes 25th February)

7 night med cruise – ** You have to vote in the Wave awards by entering your name and email. I am up for best cruise blogger so if you could vote for me that would be amazing (no pressure though)! You don’t have to fill out any other categories if you don’t want to ** (Closes 31st December 2017)

Princess – 12 night – DEPARTS FROM SYDNEY NO FLIGHTS – ANSWER: 350+ (Closes 23rd December) 

** The answers given are the ones that I think are right (obviously) but please feel free to check for yourselves. I can’t promise that any of them are right…** Please let me know if anything on this list is incorrect.

I will be bringing you a new post like this every month so make sure that you keep your eyes peeled (and let me know if you win!)


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