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I am a BIG fan of competitions, entering them regularly. I havenโ€™t won a cruise yet, although I did once upon a time win a years supply of cider. 375 bottles!! YUM. Anyway, I thought I may as well share the competitions with you guys. I would love one of you to win (please take me ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) . We already know that itโ€™s possible toย win a cruise as Tracy won two, more about that here. Good luck!

Below are the โ€˜win a cruiseโ€™ competitions for October 2017:

P&O โ€“ 30 CRUISES TO WIN โ€“ Various dates/cruises, all with flights from Gatwick (Closes 11th October)

MSC Magnifica โ€“ 7 Nights โ€“ September 2018 (Unsure on closing date)

MSC Magnifica โ€“ 7 Nights โ€“ April 2018 (Closes 15th October)ย 

TUI Discovery โ€“ 8 Nights โ€“ September 2018 โ€“ ANSWER: Southampton (Closes 20th October)

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Carnival โ€“ Caribbean cruise for two โ€“ Flexible cruise โ€“ FACEBOOK (Closes 31st October)

Norwegian Epic โ€“ 7 Nights โ€“ 2018 โ€“ ANSWER: Norwegian Jade (Closes 30th November)

NCL โ€“ 2 Nights โ€“ 2018 โ€“ ANSWER: Norwegian Jade (Closes 20th November)

Princess โ€“ 12 Nights โ€“ ANSWER: 360 (Closes December 23rd) โ€“ Iโ€™m unsure if this one includes flights as it starts and ends in Australia, so may not be worth entering for us UK folks.ย 

Uniworld river cruise โ€“ 8 Day โ€“ Flexible cruise 2018 (Closes 31st October) โ€“ UK residents only, 21+

Fred Olsen Boudicca โ€“ 7 Nights โ€“ April 2018 โ€“ ANSWER: Edvard Grieg (Closes 20th October)

Saga Sapphire โ€“ 13 Nights โ€“ March 2018 โ€“ ANSWER: Atlantic โ€“ Must be 50+

7 night cruise 2018 โ€“ Not specific (Closes 1st December)ย 

** The answers given are the ones that I think are right (obviously) but please feel free to check for yourselves. I canโ€™t promise that any of them are rightโ€ฆ** Please let me know if anything on this list is incorrect.

I will be bringing you a new post like this every month so make sure that you keep your eyes peeled (and let me know if you win!)



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  1. Iโ€™m 43 love cruising I have sailed 3 different companyโ€™s
    I see sun rises sun sets open sea different places
    Amazing food amazing environment itโ€™s a dream come true

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