Anybody who knows me knows that I am not a good traveler. I get car sick, plane sick, coach sick, if something moves it’ll make me feel sick. I would go as far as to say that I could get seasick stepping over a puddle.

Despite all of that, I never worry about getting seasick on a cruise. I have felt unwell a couple of times but only in particularly rough weather in notoriously stormy patches of the world. The bay of Biscay is always one which I would prefer to avoid!

Getting seasick on a cruise is not something that should worry you, it definitely shouldn’t put you off of cruising. However, if it is something that you’re thinking about it may be worth following the points below:

Seasickness tips:

  • Make sure you book a cabin in the middle of the ship, this is where you can feel the ship moving the least.
  • If you can afford to, book a balcony cabin. Being able to step outside and get some fresh air can stop you from feeling unwell if the ship does unexpectedly hit some bad weather.
  • I know this one is difficult… but try not to eat a ridiculous amount of food or drink too much. It’s tempting to never stop eating when you’re on a cruise but it is, believe it or not, possible to eat too much and make yourself feel unwell!
  • Choose to cruise on a large ship, generally speaking the larger the ship the less movement you will feel.
  • Take some medication. I often feel like taking pills means I have lost and that the seasickness has won. That however is really silly,  it’s your holiday and you should never have to spend it feeling unwell. Note: some cruise lines have travel sickness pills that you can buy from reception for a few pounds if you get caught short!

On a typical cruise you won’t feel the ship rocking at all. I remember when I was younger I went on a cruise and was playing bar billiards. One of the balls rolled at one point and we were convinced (for quite a long time) that it must have been a ghost! It never crossed our minds that it could be the movement of the ship, you just forget that you’re not on land.

Despite being one of the most travel sick people that I know I still love and enjoy being on cruise ships. It’s nothing like being on a ferry I promise!

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If you are like me and often get seasick you may be worried about the possibility of tendering. Tendering is when you have to get on a smaller boat, or lifeboat, in order to get to the port. This can happen for a variety of reasons which I have explained about here What is cruise ship tendering? I have occasionally felt sea sick on tenders but they’re usually short journeys and the fresh air blowing into the boat tends to make me feel better.

NCL Norwegian Getaway Tender Boat Belize

The fact that you’ll get seasick is one of the main misconceptions about cruising, of course some people do get sea sick but I really don’t think it is as common as people believe. To read about more misconceptions people have about cruising click here: Crazy reasons people don’t cruise. Pirates, Bermuda Triangle, Icebergs and more!

Do you get seasick? Let me know in the comments.


Hey! I'm Emma. A cruise blogger, YouTuber and founder of the 'Cruising Isn't Just For Old People' Facebook community.


  1. As one who can feel sea sick on a lilo i face my first cruise with trepidation ! Will check a chemists beforehand though..

    • emmaleteace Reply

      A lido!! Wow. I haven’t heard that one before.

      Try not to worry though, I get so so travel sick (20 mins in car if in the back and I start to feel rough…) where abouts are you cruising? Bay of biscay is the only place I’ve felt a bit rough really, and even then travel sickness pills sort it out pretty quickly. I normally take Kwells, they are in a blue box and you can buy them in most supermarkets. Work well for me.

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  3. My wife gets badly seasick on the Ferry across the channel. Spends the whole 90 minutes in the toilet. She gets seasick on a small rowing boat in a pond for that matter!

    A green apple or ginger beer works 100% guaranteed.

    In all the cruises we have done since been recommended that cure, she has not suffered seasickness once.

    Even coming back from the Med on the Independence through the Bay of Biscay in a force 8 to 9, didn’t affect her.

    I have recommended it to several others going on their first cruises with similar issues, and every time they have come back and woncered why they were so worried as the apple of gincer beer cure worked perfectly.

    I have always been one of the lucky ones (or perverse depending on your viewpoint) in that the rougher the sea, the more I tend to enjoy it, but I can well imagine that for those who get seasick on a flat calm, t must be absolute misery.

    Green apple or ginger beer before you set sail? Guaranteed cure.

    • Emma Le Teace Reply

      Thats a really interesting one and I’ve heard it before. Never needed to try it myself but it’s such a super idea!

      I am such a travel sick person all of my friends look at me very confused when I say that I cruise. I very very rarely feel unwell on a ship though. There have been a handful of cases but I’ve always managed to fend it off.

      I HATE to think that anybody would miss out on cruising because they get sea sick!

      Thank you for commenting 🙂

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