Unless you are cruising across the Atlantic or a great distance you are unlikely to have more than one, or possibly two, sea days in a row. Some people love sea days and will happily stay on the ship for upwards of 5 days, this however, is not for me.

In case you couldn’t tell from the blog, I love cruising. Having said that I also love to be able to get off the ship and walk around every couple of days. Ideally, I would pick a cruise which did not have more than one sea day in a row. I have been on a few cruises where I’ve had two in a row and I did get a bit of cabin fever. Not because I don’t love being on the ship, because of course, I do. But simply because I wanted to get off and explore.

For me, too many sea days is:Cruise sea view back of ship horizon

  • More than one in a row.
  • More than 3 in a 7-day cruise.

Sea days can be a really great way to relax and I do enjoy them, on most cruise ships there is a lot to do so you’re rarely bored. A sea day after a couple of days of exploring can be just what you need to recharge your batteries, it is the perfect opportunity to eat a lot and have a sunbathe.
Depending on the cruise line and the time of travel, cruise ships can get busy. After more than a couple of days on board I usually want to get away from all of the people. I don’t think I would choose to cruise the Atlantic because of this reason. I’m a bit of a fidget and need to get off the ship to have a run around every now and again!

Although I would not like more than one sea day in a row I am aware that some people absolutely love sea days and some choose not to get off the ship even on port days. Maybe it is because I am used to walking a lot and being fairly active that I don’t really enjoy too many sea days in a row. The type of people who like multiple sea days, seem, in my opinion, to be the same people who take very long cruises. For me, if I am on holiday I want to get my moneys worth by visiting as many ports as possible!

How many sea days is too many for you? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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    • Emma Le Teace Reply

      Ha ha that sounds amazing! 7 days is about my limit for cruises :’)

  1. More sea days the better. Atlantic crossings are not enough. You want sea days. It’s all about the Pacific. Did Sydney to Seattle and back this year. 23-24 days. 5 days between Hawaii and Seattle and 7 from Hawaii to Fiji.

    Then the Ovation I’m doing now 2 sea days to NZ, 2 sea days around NZ and 2 back to Sydney. Excellent. Sea days love em.

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